Conflict with Iraq

6 you, especially your souls, a burden and a source of uncertainty, not just for you assembled here, but for everybody else on your planet. There are many who fight with positive thoughts against the negativity happening at this time. We fully support you in this and guide you so that you will be able to stop the activities of the DARK FORCES with your positive thoughts. The SANTINERS salute you and are with you in thought. They thank you for your effort and prayers. We wish for you, that in the near future you will succeed in sending your LIGHT and in keeping up your positive thinking. Do not be negatively influenced by external distractions, the things you perceive. It is a chain that is possible to break. You have the potential to convert it all into something positive. We wish you the strength and energy so that it will be possible. GOD BLESS! EUPHENIUS and the TEAM. Expression of thanks and taking leave. A short meditation followed to close the chakras.