Conflict with Iraq

2 we are happy, that it is again possible the be together in this room. As was the case at our last get-together, there are a number of visitors present who are observing our work and through this realise that they have already taken steps towards the “other” side. Many of these human souls are mentally so strongly attached to planet Earth that they will not let go. These are the souls we hope to reach through our work, to show them that you in your materialistically orientated world are still making an effort to contact us and this without any kind of rituals, purely through an inner attitude, that makes it possible for us to show you something. We would like to tell you that many people emanate LIGHT and DIVINE ENERGY illuminating the darkness. We are making an effort to support this in conjunction with ARCHANGELS and the SANTINERS, who see their main objective in keeping the DARK FORCES from taking over. All souls on the planet can play their part so a lot of LIGHT can enter these areas. We are repeatedly trying, through inspiration, to prevent the DARK FORCES from realising their plans. Question : Through the American medium Sheldan Nidle, who supposedly already as a child had contact with extra-terrestrials, messages are made public. One of these messages states: “ Even though your world is unmistakably in turmoil, many things are developing behind the scenes. We are planning a global announcement that will change your world completely. This will also bring about the result we have been longing for, for some time: namely to emerge from the “shadows” to then explain to you who we really are. The “First Contact” has become an event of absolute importance for the Galactic Federation of Light.” Will we see a marked increase of definite UFO sightings in the very near future that could put a stop to the current thread of war? EUPHENIUS : We must say “no” to that! We cannot answer with a “yes” and agree with the content of these messages and publications. The flotilla of ASHTAR SHERAN will not appear in the sky because of the present critical situation, it does not fit into the divine plan at this moment. The present situation has been created by you and you are the only ones that can move it toward the good, the positive. It is not the mission of the SANTINERS to convert negative souls by showing themselves, by doing so, it would curtail the affectedness of GOD’S REPRESENTATIVES. These negative souls would not recognise and accept that there is a HIGHER FORCE. It would be a mistake in this situation, if the flotilla of ASHTAR SHERAN would be seen and recognised on Earth. This would lead to acts of violence and cause fear. These negative human energies are not ready to even look more closely. They would not accept it as something positive, but would use it to justify acts of destruction. This cannot be condoned and accepted by the SPIRIT WORLD. Our way is different! Our ways run along different tracks and we hope the support from your side and ours, will make sure a declaration of war is not forthcoming. Question : What sort of communications are we talking about. EUPHENIUS : We can’t tell you here and now what kind of ENTITIES will use this medium. We only have the information given to us by the SANTINERS. We’re discussing on our level here, where we’re allowed to give you people on Earth a hand. We’re certainly not allowed to interfere with your free will and therefore not on those levels. If it had been possible for us, there would not have been a WW2 on Earth. But this war too had a reason.