Christmas Meeting 2002

2 advance our own development in the New Year. Cordial greetings to Hildegard S. and Bruno S. who have supported us very much, as always. EUPHENIUS: GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD and PEACE CROSS ALL FRONTIERS! EUPHENIUS is speaking here. We also welcome you to this meeting which is ac- companied by special VIBRATIONS, which the end of every year brings with it. We are surrounded by souls, which have accompanied your circle through the year. There are GUESTS present here today, who will make contact through this medium. These are souls, which have come to you especially, to give advice and help. The year was conspicuous by its many VIBRATIONS which both concerned your planet and which also caused you personally a spiritual shock. It was a year of set- ting indicators and of gaining awareness . Many human souls find it hard to cope with the heightened FREQUENCY VIBRATIONS, which are presently prevailing on your planet. Many are unbalanced and aggressive . Not only nature defends it- self; your soul also needs a time of adaptation and to make use of the LIGHT and LOVE, which every single one of you can send. We know that this year was of special importance for everyone here at the table and caused spiritual scars, which will be difficult to heal. We know that you have carried out your work for every- body, ACCORDING TO GOD and we are grateful for this. The two human souls mentioned by you, who help you and support you in your work, are accompanied by BEINGS, which support both of them at this work and also their progress on the divine path. Both are people FULL of LIGHT who have recognised that this task, this work, is important for all of mankind and for the world. Hard times, which will have to be conquered yet, lie ahead for this world. These two human souls are firm pillars in what is important for the distribution in respect to the divine. We say hello to both of them with LOVE, we are with them and protect and escort them. We now start with the writing, LUKAS is waiting. Under the management of the TEACHER of the LIGHT, LUKAS, the a u t o m a t i c w r i t i n g part of the meeting started LUKAS : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! LUKAS is writing here. We welcome you very cordially to this circle FULL of LIGHT and are pleased about the excep- tional number of ENTITIES FULL of LIGHT who are present here tonight to ob- serve and support this contact with you. At the end of this year, we would like to inform you that much of what was actu- ally planned for the year ending, had to be moved because of global changes with you or to be more precise, in the political arena. From the point of view of time, it wouldn’t have been appropriate and wouldn’t have positively supported the tense situation on the Earth. On the contrary - fear and aggression would have increased disproportionately and therefore the delay. Please don't speculate further about this. Those of you who knew about it will also know why . Everything happens if the time for it is ripe. We would like to inform our friend here, (a participant of the meeting) that his father is present today. Your father insisted on seeing his son, even though we had reported to him which kind of work you are doing here. He simply didn’t want to believe it and wanted to see it with his own eyes. He is now convinced and very relieved and glad to be able to definitely leave the Earth now and to be able to take part in advanced TRAINING. You must imagine the waking up of your fa- ther after his deep sleep, as an enormous experience for him: To be free of pain and to having the agility of a young man. Your father now shows an outer pheno- type of about 40 years ago, - rather even a little younger. After waking up, he jumped around here because he didn't want to believe it. We had to work very