Christmas meeting 2001

6 have got to know as divine LAWS, they are necessary and important. Please read the old protocols again and recognize your own shortcomings. • Wo r k o n y o u r s e l f and you will find that various doors will open, in all sorts of different directions. We now close this meeting. We are deeply connected with you and are looking for- ward to our next meeting, when it might be possible that we – the SANTINER – are allowed to say something more to you. GOD BLESS AND UNIVERSAL PEACE! TAI SHIIN Participant : We thank you for all your messages. GOD BLESS! Expression of thanks and taking leave. A short meditation followed to close the chakras. Words of WHITE EAGLE for the next day: The message of JESUS the CHRIST is the message of eternal life. Understand your real life as a “INNER SUN”, the SPIRIT OF CHRISTI in you. This SPIRIT equals divine LOVE which –ever creative – changes darkness into LIGHT. The real you, dear sister, dear brother, the essence in you, is this LOVE, this LIGHT. Because you are not the little, earthly person who you believe you are. You came from GOD. You are one of the SEEDS of GOD. The SEED contains the whole beauty of the flower, the whole richness of the fruit.