Christmas meeting 2000

2 We as a TEAM, as the spiritual PART, must look at our balance sheets in regards to what we have generated throughout this year with your co-operation. Taking account is most decisive in regards to what will be on the agenda for this circle next year and for us also, because we are also still learners. The eminent MESSENGER of LIGHT who accompanies and guides us is also present and will announce his presence later to give you a number of messages. We, as a group, have been able to positively realise our sphere of activity with you in the NAME of the CREATOR. You are the part in this that has very intensively co-operated with us in a divine SENSE here on Earth. You can judge this by the way these messages have been disseminated all over the continent thereby rendering your efforts effectively and visibly. We salute your helpers with LOVE. We actively support them and hope that this inspirational support reaches them. The fact that this constitutes a beginning for you, you have credited yourselves with great success. You didn’t believe to begin with that you could be so successful. Be assured, this chain of events will widen its influence. What will take place is that you will receive inquiries from interested parties willing to translate these scripts into other languages. Just wait, they will reach you. Your souls however may not forget that you have flaws and weak points you have to become consciously aware of in order to do this work here more efficiently : (Addressing three different members of the group) • For you my dear friend (male), the theme of brotherly love and forgiveness is an important facet and this is where you should take a more intensive look within yourself. Regard everyone around you as someone that is close to you and that bears a part of you within themselves. Forgiving is difficult, but it is a part – and actually an important LAW – that GOD sent down to Earth and that must be put into practise. • My dear friend (female), the theme of forgiveness is also an important point for you, one you have to deal with in order to progress in your psychic work. • And now to you my friend (male): We are dealing with the facets of LOVE and genuine TRUST in GOD with you. Your desire and your opportunity to do psychic work, particularly with your GUARDIAN ANGEL, is a given. Use it! You block yourself, not just in regards to your healing activities, but also in regards to your life here on Earth. These blockages are effected by yourself. All of you endeavour to develop yourselves the way your spiritual CREATOR and DIVINITY signify, this is why you are here on Earth. Our MESSENGER of LIGHT, and another GUEST who is also present, will report to you after the automatic writing part to give you further information. EUPHENIUS