2 Experiences are sometimes painful, but the fruits of suffering are wisdom, LOVE and ENERGY - the ENERGY of the spirit - the power of LOVE within your soul. You are tempted, tried and tested by your “lower nature” or by Satan, as it was called in the past, in the same way the MASTER JESUS was tested. But be assured that a radiant entity is hidden under the dark cloak of Satan. Look for this radiant entity under this dark mask. All meetings begin with an opening meditation and a materialisation exercise under the guidance of the spirit teacher MAGDALENA. This is then followed by the inspirational and automatic writing part with the spirit teachers EUPHENIUS and LUKAS. Welcoming all present and starting the question. EUPHENIUS : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! This is EUPHENIUS speaking. We are approaching an important festival here on Earth (Easter). It represents one of the most important indications for you on Earth that the resurrection and life after death has been visibly and graphically presented to you. Contemplate this new beginning, it isn’t just identifiable through the efficacies of nature, which are also about to awaken to flourish anew. You too are flooded by new STREAMS of ENERGY and you too receive back a portion of nature’s energy. - We begin with writing. LUKAS is waiting and he is pleased with the new theme you have chosen. LUKAS :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! We are pleased to see your spiritual LIGHT. As EUPHENIUS has already mentioned, Easter should actually be regarded as the highest festival, as it clearly shows the victory of life over death. This is what Easter is supposed to show all frightened and falsely indoctrinated people. The magical and spiritual phenomenon that run parallel with this can nowadays be understood. But who amongst you is really interested? - This should actually be the assignment of the Church, which is actually paid to spread their incomplete doctrine! A lot more could be written about this, but you have chosen the theme of addictions , which is an important and highly topical theme these days. A theme that deals with something that has to be overcome. Please ask your questions now. Question :There are various addictions that can affect the human body. How do these addictions develop and from your point of view, what has to be included? LUKAS :There are addictions of a physical and of a non-physical nature. The first category for instance includes alcoholism and the non-physical addictions include the addiction to work, whereby one forgets what life’s all about. The subject matter of addictions is large, very large indeed and we will have to curtail it somewhat, because one cannot generalise all addictions and addictive behaviourism. Question :Are there addictions, spread amongst human beings that are to some measure regarded an illness, that only exist here on Earth or do people on other planets have the same problems with them?